Larrazabal as a Conservator

He is strongly concerned with several factors for the preservation of an object, including: determining the structural stability, counteracting chemical and physical deterioration, performing conservation treatment based on an evaluation of the aesthetic, historic, and also the scientific characteristics of the piece. Conservation involves examination, scientific analysis and research to determine original structure, materials and extent of loss, it also encompasses structural and environmental treatment to retard future deterioration.

Needless to say that this profession demands of the conservators to have considerable practical experience, a broad range of theoretical and scientific knowledge and a true commitment to high standards and performance which we can perceive in Luis work.
Because of the increasingly technical nature of modern conservation, conservators
usually specialize in a particular type of conservation. Luis expertise relies on works on paper: artworks, rare books, photographs, and archaeological and ethnographic materials. Paper conservation is a skilled discipline, which requires a long period of training and dedication, the use of high quality materials and a specialized artist.

You will expect to receive from Larrazabal Conservation a written preliminary examination report evaluating condition, proposing treatment, describing its limitations, and an estimate of cost and duration. Also a notification if needed, if major changes occur during the procedure with the alterated proposal and photographic documentation of the changes.

Through Larrazabal's career he has restored works of renowned artists like: Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Francisco Goya, Francisco Oller, Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Klee, Augusto Marín, Lorenzo Homar, Lopez Dirube, Rafael Tufiño, Jack Delano, Ramón Frade, Librado Net, Epifanio Irrizary, Carlos Raquel Rivera, Carmelo Sobrino, Nini de la Torre, Rembrandt, Alberto Durero, Carmelo Fontánez, Cundo Bermúdez, José Campeche, Luis Hernandez Cruz, Burne Jones, Héctor Méndez Caratini, Renoir, Fernando Leger, Ríos Rey, Padmiño and Claudio Bravo.

Larrazabal's services have been required by Museums, Galleries and other Institutions such as:

Hacienda Buena Vista
Museo de Arte de Ponce
Museo de las Americas
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo
Museo Pablo Casals de San Juan
Barbados Museum Historical and Society
Castillo Serralles
Junta De Sindicos UPR
Rectoria UPR Mayagüez
Museo Dr. Pio Lopez Martinez UPR Cayey
Compania De Turismo La Princesa. SJ, P.R.
Universidad Metropolitana Ana G. Mendez
Archivo J. T. Piñero Une. Carolina
Museo Universidad Del Turabo P.R.
Museo y Archivos De Pablo Casals San Juan P.R.
Museo De Historia y Cultura Vegabajeña "Casa Alonso"
Museo Casa Amarilla, Caguas P.R.
Museo De Hatillo, P.R.
Museo De La Historia de Ponce
Collection of the President and Board of the University of P.R.
Centro de Investigaciones Historicas Museo Casa Paoli
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Supreme Court
Superintendencia del Capitolio de Puerto Rico
St Ann's Garrison, Barbados
Private Collector and Galeria Botello
Galeria Botello
Galeria Cueto
Galeria Gandia
Galeria Trinitaria
Galería Biaggi-Faure